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Sendik's Polypropylene Reusable Bags

When you see the red bag, you know it's quality!

Sendik's Polypropylene Reusable Bags

Helping the environment is in the bag

Many of our customers and coworkers have found our unique red plastic bags to be very useful for many tasks other than toting groceries around. If you go for a walk around town or are at a major event in the Milwaukee area you are sure to see at least one red Sendik’s bag. We here at Sendik’s, through our efforts to not only provide our customers with quality items but also to do so in and environmentally conscious manner, decided to provide our customers with an even more durable and long lasting shopping bag that is significantly better for the environment as well. These new bags are made out of a nonwoven polypropylene fabric which is basically a spun form of the plastic used in several types of plastic chairs, bottle caps, and throughout the medical field. The fabric that the new bags are made out of is from recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Besides this great feature, these bags are also light-weight, durable, water resistant, fire resistant, washable, and air permeable. The manufacturer of these bags claims that they will last at least 2 years under regular use. Perhaps the best part about these bags is the fact that they are extremely less expensive than the old canvas bags that we used to offer. Sendik's reusable bags are now available at all Balistreri Sendik's Food Market locations!

Along with our efforts to provide our customers with more earth-friendly bags, we also have an internal recycling program for plastic bags and other plastic materials. This program includes places where customers are able to drop off any used plastic bags in collection bins at all of our locations to be baled and recycled along with our own recyclable plastic materials. According to Waste Management, by collecting plastic bags from our customers, plastic pallet wrap, and any plastic that comes off of any products, Sendik’s will be instrumental in keeping 1 ton of plastic out of our landfills every 2-4 weeks. Look for these recycling bins near the entry ways of our stores!

Quality in every sendiks red bad