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Marc Goodman
Marc Goodman
Sendik's Wine &
Spirits Director

At Sendik’s, wine and spirits are more than just convenience items. We want to know that at the end of the day when you’re kicking back and relaxing with a new bottle of scotch or a new and rare Portuguese white wine that you’re enjoying yourself with friends and family. We look forward to your feedback and cherish our job well done.

Throughout the week we taste products in order to find the best items and deals for you. We understand that many of the name brands are easily found from big box retail outlets to your corner gas station. While we carry your favorite array of typical grocery store brands we also push the envelope to find some of the best buys from new and up and coming producers and regions. Sure, we might be the first ones telling about a new producer or region, like we were the first store in the area to bring in Yellow Tail. It all has to start somewhere, and in Southeast Wisconsin, it regularly starts at Sendik’s.

We understand everyone is on a different level when it comes to wine, spirits and micro brews. Talking with our friendly staff you’ll find we regularly ask a few more questions than most in order to determine the kinds of products you like. This allows us to make recommendations that are unique to you. Whether it’s a gift for your boss, or you're planning your first dinner with the in-laws, we know how to make these decisions right for you and your company. It’s important to us that you not only leave the store feeling good about your purchase but that you also enjoy your beverages with your family and friends.

Our staff is full of experience and opinion. We’re happy to share our insights and tips on what to look for and why we recommend it. Today we find ourselves in the midst of a “wine revolution” where quality is rising from every corner of the globe. Each day brings new categories, countries, producers, and grapes exposing themselves as fun and interesting alternatives to the everyday norms. You can expect to find these exciting new products and many more at your local Balistreri Owned and Operated Sendik's Food Market.


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