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Sendik's American Amber

Sendik's American AmberThe project started in Fall 2009 when we decided to try for a style of beer that was highly approachable and yet had a little bit more hop presence than the White Shark Wheat.

With Bert, the brewmaster of Milwaukee Brewing Company, we went through several test batches of a couple different styles. After several months of hard work (hard work for Bert, a lot of fun for us) we arrived at the final recipe, an American Amber. It’s an All-American Amber too, because all of the ingredients used in the beer are grown domestically.

When poured into a glass, the beer displays a dark golden color and a nice, soft white head of foam. The nose has lots of fresh green citrus and winter wheat along with a bit of roasted grain and caramel sweetness. The palate mimics the nose with the sweetness coming first and the finish turning into a refreshing dive into crisp hops.

We wanted a beer that was dynamic, slightly hoppy yet still approachable, and Bert, along with his team at Milwaukee Brewing Company, delivered.