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Sendik's MarinadesMarinating is one of the simplest ways to add flavor to your food. It can also be pretty easy, particularly if you use a bottled marinade from Sendik's. We don't want to discourage you from making your own marinade with Sendik's Olive Oil and great items from our produce and grocery sections, but we're here for you when time is short.

Sendik's Spicy Asian Honey gives a jump start to pork and beef dishes, while our Margarita Key Lime with Cilantro is fantastic with shrimp. But don't be locked into traditional uses for marinades. Cooking is about creativity! If you use Sendik's Honey Dijon to flavor your mayonnaise or our Sun Dried Tomato Summer Blend to season your rice, no need to credit us. Just tell 'em it's something you whipped together, and it will be our little secret.


  • Honey Dijon Marinade
  • Margarita Key Lime Grilling Sauce with Fresh Cilantro
  • Spicy Asian Honey Marinade
  • Sun Dried Tomato Summer Blend Marinade
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