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Balistreri Sendik's is Milwaukee's neighborhood grocery store since 1926.


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Red Bag Insider
April 4th
I love local, and I love trying out new products so I jumped on the chance to try Angelic Bakehouse‘s new Flattza.  It’s primarily made of sprouted grains, and it can be used as a flatbread or a pizza.  It’s made with only the purest ing…
April 2nd
Origin: Plymouth, WI Milk: Cow’s Milk Variety: American Original Flavor Profile: Rich, creamy & fruity with a hint of cinnamon The base for this cheese is at the heart of what Sartori-family cheeses are so well known and celebrated for — the awa…
April 1st
It’s officially Brewer’s season, and I’m so happy about it!  Nothing beats sunshine, the smell of the grills and the feeling of the season’s first baseball game.    So many times I’ve been at a Brewers game and have heard a kid yel…
March 28th
I was excited to write today’s blog. It involved cake!  And a fun field trip to McKinley Elementary School in Wauwatosa where students, where participating in High Interest Day.  This is a day where students attend a workshop or education session on…
March 26th
I love saving money, and I always take pride in the deals I find.  My friends know that I’m the person to turn to when it comes to finding an awesome bargain at the mall or knowing where the best happy hours are.  The same goes with groceries. So I&…
March 21st
Our Wauwatosa Store is turning 10, so we’re throwing a party tomorrow to celebrate!  Along with amazing deals throughout the store, check out the schedule of events we have planned: 10am-3pm- Enjoy $2 Sendik’s Italians and $2 Bacon Cheddar Burgers f…
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